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Saving 4.6 million pounds of fruit?!

2021 is here and in full swing. Stone Fruit harvesting season is about to begin! We are

undertaking some ambitious plans here at The Ugly Co. that I would like to share with


We will be upcycling ugly fruit from an additional six new packing sheds this summer. These

sheds pack fruit for about 40 different farms. That’s a tremendous leap from last year when we

sourced fruit from 4 main packing sheds and 20 different farms. It takes an investment of time

and money, from the owner of a packing facility, to retool their existing process to efficiently

upcycle large volumes of ugly fruit.

At The Ugly Co., we also invested significantly in new equipment needed to handle all of this

ugly fruit. We purchased several hundred new fruit bins, that are a beautifully ugly shade of

fuchsia. We also bought a new curtain side trailer adorned with a 53’ long Hello! I’m Ugly

banner. Robert Jr. and I have been hauling the new bins down from the factory all week... and

wow are we getting some intrigued looks from people traveling down Highway 99.

We have a new variety of fruit that will be ready to ship by the end of summer as well! I would

love to tell everyone what it is, because it’s my new favorite flavor… but it will have to remain a

secret for now.

We will be hiring another operations assistant and regional sales manager. Stay tuned if you’re interested in joining The Ugly Crew.


So, what does all of these great happenings really add up to? Our core purpose, to upcycle ugly

fruit! Last year we prevented 142,866 pounds of fresh ugly fruit from becoming waste. This

year, we are preparing to upcycle 4.6 million pounds of ugly fruit. Yep, you read that right. It’s

an ambitious target but we are certain that we can make it happen operationally. All of the

great people out there can’t seem to get enough Ugly either. Without you, all of this great

progress wouldn’t be possible. Here’s to the summer of 2021!

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