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The Era of Subscription Boxes

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

While the idea of subscriptions has been around for at least 100 years, it has blossomed from newspapers and magazines, to streaming TV shows or movies and much more. Today, you could sign up for a subscription plan for anything from cosmetics to alcohol and pre-planned dinners. Lifestyle brands for men, women, and children all have their own kind of monthly boxes with products curated for each individuals’ preferences. You might think that these subscription boxes are solely successful because of the convenience of delivery straight to our doors. However, most customers that purchase a monthly subscription box already see and know the value of the product or service and want to deepen their relationship with the company. We will start at the surface level and dig deeper to see why this trend is growing so rapidly and what that means for your shipping experience.

As we all know, we are living in a world that requires convenience, discounted everything, and instant gratification. The subscription box covers all these areas. You simply sign up once (convenience) and authorize monthly shipments sold for less than you would pay in store (discounts) to be delivered to your door without any further necessary steps (gratification). In simpler words, subscription boxes require low effort, and yet offer great rewards. Many times, these subscription-based business models allow for some customization each month as well. If you receive a product you do not like, you can be sure you don’t receive it again. This also brings in hassle-free customization. While all these reasons alone provide enough benefits for many to join the subscription club, they are only part of the list of incentives. 

Companies often don’t just sell products or services, but they offer solutions to problems. There are missions and purposes behind the scenes that drive brand loyalty. The decision to start a subscription with a mission-driven company could be made based on a principle that the company stands for, such as upcycling and preventing food waste. Missions can also be associated with a lifestyle trend, such as making healthy food choices. Consumers that are looking to make deeper connections are looking for subscriptions like these that allow them to feel good about their purchases. 

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Whether you want to support upcycling or eat healthier or maybe even a little bit of both, the Ugly Company LLC. has a subscription box for you. Not only do our subscription boxes meet the need for convenience and being hassle-free in a fast-paced world, they also meet the need to make a deeper connection and know that your purchases are helping to provide a solution to a problem, food waste. Every year, the state of California throws away more peaches than the state of Georgia produces. All simply because they look “ugly”. We rescue that perfectly good fruit that would normally be wasted and turn them into delicious and healthy dried fruit snacks. With no additives or preservatives, you get 100% all-natural fruit. So, if you are looking to make healthy food choices for you and your family, all with the convenience of delivery directly to your door, you need to check out our subscription boxes on our website. Make your next subscription an Ugly one!

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