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Ugly®: For Something Beautiful is our campaign of giving. The original vision of the company was to do something meaningful for communities with the nutritious food that was previously disregarded. Through this campaign, we're bringing that vision to life by harnessing the power of what some might consider Ugly® and doing something beautiful with it. With Ugly® - For Something Beautiful, we're not just reducing waste; we're making a tangible impact, fostering a more inclusive and sustainable future for all. Join us in redefining beauty and creating a world where every imperfection tells a story of hope and resilience.

The Ugly Co® x No Kid Hungry

In the month of May 2024, Hello! I'm Ugly® proudly joins Team No Kid Hungry, an organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger (See more below), by providing up to 10,000 meals to kids in need. We are accomplishing this by matching consumer donations up to $1,000.

No Kid Hungry


In 2023, No Kid Hungry helped kids and their communities by awarding grants to 567 organizations amounting to $25,342,214.*

No Kid Hungry grant funding goes to pay for everything from refrigerators to delivery trucks – whatever schools and communities need to feed kids. 

In addition to grants, No Kid Hungry works at the federal and state levels affecting systems change.

Together, these strategies help communities ensure kids have the food they need to thrive.

Why it's Meaningful to us

Ben Moore, our founder, has a personal connection to the mission of No Kid Hungry. During his childhood, he attended Kings River Union Elementary School in Kingsburg, CA. As recently as 4 years ago, Kings River was in need of a grant from No Kid Hungry. Before founding the company when Ben was working as a truck driver, he'd drive by Kings River before dumping millions of pounds of fresh, edible fruit (it's right across the street from his family farm). Over time he began to wonder why the fruit he was throwing out couldn't be used as snacks for kids experiencing food insecurity. This painful reality was one of the driving motivations for starting the company.


Distance between Kings River Union Elementary School and Ben's Family Farm where 6-8 Million lbs. of fruit are dumped every year.

How can you get involved?

This May we're matching your donations to No Kid Hungry (up to $1,000). Navigate to the donation portal below to contribute. 

In addition, we've made limited edition Ugly Co.® X No Kid Hungry T-Shirts for the month of May. 100% of the proceeds from these shirt sales will go directly to No Kid Hungry.

Thank you for joining us in our mission to prevent food waste one pack of Ugly® at a time.

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